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Car Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your car thoroughly is not easy, but you can do it easily without throwing money out the window. In reality, you do not need to buy branded cleaners and special car deodorants. Products like sparkling water, white vinegar, coal, a can of coca or even a little chalk are really enough. To learn more, read on.

  1. The essential oils

Get hold of wooden clothespins and soak them with a few drops of your favorite essential oils (lavender, rosemary, incense, etc.). Pinch them on your air vents. Every time you turn on the heating or air conditioning, your car will be beautifully scented.

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  1. The iron

To remove the stains of wax and coloring, you just need to take an iron and pass it on a sheet of paper that you put on the coating of the car seat, which will absorb the colors and the wax.

  1. Olive oil

This may come as a surprise, but olive oil is an excellent product for cleaning leather seats. Use this ingredient sparingly so you do not end up with too fat seats. Start by cleaning them with soap. Then impregnate your leather or skai interior with oil. Always wipe after application.

  1. Iron straw

Iron straw is multi-purpose, in the house and outdoors and you can also use it to clean your car. One thing to remember, however, is to be careful not to damage the surfaces when removing dirt. Forget this trick on the body, the chrome and the windshield.

  1. The foam brush

Foam brushes are great for finishing when painting, but you can also use them to clean your air ducts and other hard-to-reach areas. The foam will easily catch dust and other particles, making it a great tool for cleaning.

  1. The wipes

There is nothing worse than trying to remove the dried insects stuck to the windshield of the car after a long drive. But you can make it easier by using moistened wipes to remove these stubborn creatures.

  1. Toothbrush

If your dash starts to get a bit dirty, you can use an old toothbrush to thoroughly clean every spot where dirt has gotten in. When you’re done, put your toothbrush aside for later use. You can also use it to clean your seats and folders.

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  1. The toothpaste

In addition to the toothbrush to clean the tissues, you can use toothpaste to wash your headlights. Put some toothpaste, leave on for a few minutes, then clean. Your lighthouses will be bright.

9 . The windows

We often forget to wash the top of the windows of a car. Wash them when they are lowered by half to get an impeccable result.

  1. The small crumbs

To go into the recesses and cracks of the armrests and more, you will need a sharp tool – a screwdriver will be perfect. Take a flat screwdriver and cover it with a thin cloth to access the small recesses.

  1. 3-in-1 lubricant

Take off the awful stickers stuck on the rear window and you do not want anymore with 3-in-1 lubricant. Spray a little lubricant directly on the sticker, let act a few moments. The oil will take off without problem.

  1. Medical alcohol

Wipers that eventually leave ugly marks on the windshield can be treated with medical alcohol. You coat your wipers with this ingredient and allow to dry to prolong their life.

  1. The chalk stick

You can use classic school chalk, but there are also chalks designed specifically for the maintenance of your vehicle. You can remove small imperfections of the body by rubbing a little chalk on the areas to be treated.

  1. L’après conditioner

This hair care is another way to restore incomparable luster to the body of the car. Opt for a product that contains lanolin to get the brilliant finishing touch you crave. Simply soak a conditioner cloth in circular motions to restore the vehicle’s original shine.

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  1. The scouring powder

The scouring powder gets rid of stubborn stains on the rims of the car. Spread this powder with a damp cloth, spray some household alcohol on it and rub. Your wheels will look impeccable.

  1. The ventilation grilles

It’s often worse than it looks! If your car is really bad and you do not know where it comes from, it may be that you need to replace the vents or at least clean them. Before starting to clean, always check for mold, which is more serious than a smell, as it can cause breathing problems. If it’s actually mold, you have to replace it. If not, clean vigorously and use cotton swabs to go into crevices.

  1. Vodka

Windshield washer fluid is not the only ingredient to resist freezing. Vodka does it as well, mixed with a little black soap and water. It’s just a shame for the drink.

  1. Kerosene

No, we are not trying to get your car off the ground. A solution of kerosene and water will be perfect to shine without wax. Once you have brushed your car with this mixture, just wipe. The shine that remains after the fact makes even drops of rain. You must of course refrain from smoking by applying this product.

  1. The cotton swabs

Cotton swabs are indispensable tools for your personal hygiene. They absorb the detergent and clean very well. They are even practical when you clean the cup holders of the car in places that are difficult to access.

  1. Baby changing

This is a ridiculous but practical trick if you like to buy rather expensive and bulky baby diapers. Americans are crazy about these absurd tips and you do not have to use it to mop up the dirt on the car seats. Paper towels do the job and are much cheaper.

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