9 Songs For Truckers That Will Help You Not Get Lost On The Road


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As a truck driver, I’m well aware of the fact that being behind the wheel of a big rig can be challenging and exhausting. With limited opportunities for rest during our travels, it’s important to recognize the blessing of songs dedicated to truckers. These musical gems give us the boost we need to move forward and add some joy to a tedious and seemingly endless journey.

Trucking songs are generally composed of anecdotes depicting the everyday life of a trucker and explore a variety of themes. From expressing love for our trucks, to discovering romance, to traversing across the nation, and even sharing stories about mysterious figures we may encounter on the road, no topic is off the table.  An especially captivating aspect of these tracks is the creative lyrics that make each one so unique.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of listening to truck driver tunes, then you are truly missing out on a fantastic genre of music. Why not explore the vast selection that these tunes have to offer and pick one that resonates with you? Making this experience easier, we have carefully selected the best trucking songs that you should consider listening to.

1. Alabama – Roll on 18 wheeler

The song we added to this list first is a song that came out in ’84. It’s so fun and lively that it really gets people into the spirit of truck driving. Dave Loggins, who wrote this song, knew what it was like to be a dad driving an 18-wheeler to feed his family.

2. Kathy Mattea – Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses

On Kathy Mattea’s 1987 record Untasted Honey, there’s a great song about trucking, “Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses.” It was written by Paul and Gene Nelson and tells the story of driver Charlie, who has stayed for 30 years behind the wheel and returns from his last trip home to his beloved wife. It’s a song you can’t stop listening to.

3. Dan Seals – Big Wheels in the Moonlight

This second single is from Dan Seals’ 1988 album. Dan Seals and Bob McDill, who wrote the song, tell the story of a small town boy who watches trucks go by. He dreams of becoming a trucker in the future. His childhood dream will never come true, but he keeps dreams and memories of trucks in his head.

4. Grateful Dead – Truckin’

Another golden vintage classic from the 1970 American Beauty album. This song is also about trucks. It’s about traveling by truck in all sorts of places in the US, like New York, Chicago, and Detroit. A good old song from the 70’s, an era when everyone wanted to travel, seek new adventures and get the best things from their life.

5. Jason Aldean – Asphalt Cowboy

This tune is nothing short of amazing- its captivating, tranquil melody seamlessly ebbs and flows from its first bars to its very last note. While it has a calming reverie that can ease any stresses away, the poetic narrative speaks to the natural yearnings of a man who has to go to work and leave his beloved wife for the day. Each time he bids her adieu, his contemplative soul craves to make the journey through wind and rain to be back in her arms once more.

6. Eddie Rabbitt – Driving my Life Away

This Eddie Rabbitt single, taken from the album Horizon of 1980, topped the Hot Country Singles Chart. With lyrics penned by Eddie Rabbit, David Malloy and Ewen Stevens, the tune speaks to the challenges and sacrifices faced by truckers, who are forced to spend prolonged times away from their families in order to fulfill their duties.

7. Bobby Bare – 500 Miles

This classic country song, entitled “500 Miles Away from Home”, was released in 1963 and quickly worked its way to the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. Written to articulate the emotions of long haul truck drivers who have to be away from their families as part of their jobs, it serves as a powerful reminder of the trials and tribulations people in this line of work go through. Not only is it a touching song, but it also makes for an enjoyable duet to sing with a friend while you ride along the roads, deep in thought, dreaming of a better future for all of us.

8. Johnny Cash – I’ve Been Everywhere

Without a doubt, you’ve encountered this song before. But what you probably didn’t know is that it was first written way back in 1559 by the remarkable Jeff Mack and it initially became a huge sensation thanks to Lucky Starr’s powerful rendition. Throughout the years, many different performers have interpreted and recorded this song. But of them all, it’s Johnny Cash’s version that truly stands out from all the rest, as featured in his classic album Unchained.

9. Jerry Reed – East, Bound and Down

From the album Smokey and the Bandit came this 1970s hit. The song reached number two on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country music chart. Once it starts playing, you can’t help but nod your head or even dance along with it (when you’re not driving). We suggest queuing it up if you suddenly get bored, get tired, or need something to cheer you up.

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