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In the jewelry world the latest invention is the amora gem. The amora contains the silicon carbide and the forever brilliant contains the silicon and carbon. The hardness is equal to the diamond and it is scratch resistant. Like diamond it is also one of the precious and very rare gems. Generally, ladies like jewels if it is an uncommon gem, they have a tendency to purchase at least one. The gem stones give the good clarity through the lifetime. It spreads the prism of colors like the diamond. But the forever brilliant gives the shining only under the light. The amora is a very rare gemstone in nature. So, it is prepared in the lab because of its high demand. The quality is good compared to all other gemstones. The amora vs forever brilliant gives only a slight difference but both are giving good life.

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Cost And Lab Procedures:

All people in the world like diamonds and think those jewels are bought only by rich individuals. However, diamonds are much costlier, so not everyone can afford them. Buying the Amora gem does not have a cost problem because it is very low-cost. It is not like a diamond but gives clarity and shine. When the amora is extracted, it is yellow and greenish.

After that, it is treated with high temperature and pressure for maximum clarity. But in the forever brilliant, the clarity is low compared to the amora. For more information on affordable gem choices, you can visit

So it is treated less times for clarity. When you are doing the amora procedure in the lab you need to be very careful because a little glitch results in the process of cracking the crystal. This procedure gives the enhancement and perfect environment. In the forever brilliant you need to take risk while doing the procedure because the cracks will not happen. It maintains the shine and brightness throughout the years. Usually, the gemstone made in the laboratory gives the clarity of long life, density and hardness.

You can buy gemstones without any doubts. It gives good results forever. The cost of the amora is less compared to the diamond. But the forever brilliant is bit less compared to the amora. It scatters in many different colors and mostly it is in round shape. The forever brilliant consists of many shapes like heart, circle, oval and square. You can cut this gem stone in any different shapes because of its hardness.

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