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How to Move a Pool Table

Move a Pool Table

Pool tables are big, heavy, and awkward. It takes experience and careful planning to move one without damaging it or the building or apartment in which it resides. The good news is that you don’t need to do it alone, and there are step-by-step instructions, tips, and warnings on the internet.

Searching them out can be daunting, so here is all the information you need to move a pool table.

1) Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

Before moving, evaluate the project’s scope and consider your options. Foremost, where are you moving it? How far? What are you using to move it (think ramps and dollies)? If you don’t have the right equipment or vehicle or think it’s too heavy, investigate getting one. Finally, will this be a permanent relocation or just a short-term arrangement? Do you need to hire temporary storage before it is moved to a permanent location? Have you considered using professional pool table movers such as Shiply?

2) Know Your Capacity

Small moves can be done with a dolly and two people if the table is in good condition. Larger moves require more manpower, equipment, and possibly professional help. A move that includes stairs requires at least three people and probably something to assist with the stairs. It is unwise to move a pool table alone. Even if you think you can, don’t. Hire a professional company to do it instead. Moving pool tables is not an easy task and rushing through it or attempting it alone will only lead to accidents and damage.

3) Understand the Movers’ Points of View

Moving companies have different goals than those who are hiring them. Movers have a reputation (and insurance) to protect and will take extra steps to avoid future lawsuits.

4) Know Your Table

Is it new or antique? What is its size? Will it fit through doors and hallways? Is the rubber covering intact without any cracks (they are almost always worn down by this point)? Is the pool cue holder on top or at the back of the table? What is it made of and is it solid? Has any frame damage occurred, cracks, breaks, and/or holes that have not been redressed? Has any original finish been damaged, and if so, how did it happen? If a table has been moved many times during its existence, there will be additional wear on the legs.

5) Know Who Will Help

To move a pool table correctly, you need at least three people; two people to move the table while another handles any other items that might get in their way. Someone also needs to open doors and windows if they are closed during travel. The extra people are invaluable as they allow extra hands (and feet) to unload other objects from the van.

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6) Rent a Large Van

As with moving anything, the bigger and heavier the product you are moving, the more appropriate it is to rent a large van or truck. Ensure you organize the vehicle before moving day.

7) Acquire the Equipment

The following tools can help you move your pool table successfully.

  • Four dollies – one to support each leg.
  • Thick moving blankets (that can fit over the table) at a minimum to transport it in the back of a van or truck
  • Straps to secure the table to the dollies and in the van.
  • A tape measure

8) Disassemble the Pool Table

If it can be disassembled, take the time to do so. Follow the manufactures instructions to avoid damaging the table while you’re working.

9) Pack the Pool Table

The easiest way to pack a pool table is with moving blankets. Once these are laid over the table, place all its parts inside, labeling them for where they go (e.g., leg, ball return), and securing them in place with straps. If your table has legs that fold out or in, lock travel locks on each end to avoid falling apart during transportation.

10) Secure the Table While Transporting

Use dollies to push it into the van or truck when parking and secure it with straps once inside so it doesn’t fall out during movement. If possible, use straps on the dollies as well because they are much easier to maneuver while in motion than the pool tables themselves.

11) Reassemble the Table

Once at its destination, unwrap the table and reassemble it following the manufacturer’s instructions.

12) Enjoy Your Newly Relocated Pool Table

Once the table is assembled, move it inside or to its intended location before jumping on for a game. Moving it can take time and effort, so take a moment to enjoy your great work before playing.

Now you know how to move a pool table without calling in a professional. Remember that moving is expensive and hard work, so it’simportant to consider what method will work best for you.

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